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Tutoring in: Learning a Foreign Language
After taking a research degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, a post-graduate language teaching qualification from the University of Leeds, and a degree in Zoology and Botany from the University of Exeter, Ian’s career and professional life has focused on language. 
From 1964 until 2004, he worked mostly with the British Council on English language projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Russia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Spain, Norway and Finland, and held university teaching posts in Edinburgh, Khartoum and Trondheim.
Since then he has worked for or been connected with DynEd International, Inc., a California based company that was the leading innovator and materials developer in the field of computer-assisted  language learning ever since the invention of the first CD, back in the early 1970s. Since 2010, he has been Director of Pedagogy for Steppe Learning, a Mongolia-based company providing English language learning solutions for East Asia.
Ian’s childhood was spent in very small rural communities in South and South West England.