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Blair Cramer

Currently tutoring in:  Chess and Rummy Tiles
Blair Cramer emigrated from Ceylon(Sri Lanka) in 1962 to continue a career in banking. He switched to real estate in 1985.
On joining U3A Melbourne City he enrolled for Chess and the Choir. In 2007 he took over as Chess Tutor and introduced a once secret, step-by-step Russian method of Chess training for Beginners and Intermediate students. Players at all levels are made to feel welcome to practice their own skills in a friendly environment.
His interest in Western and Eastern philosophy led to a series of short courses  in 2011 - New Insights - based on 2 Books 'The Road Less Travelled 'and 'Buddhism For Busy People'. The first book is a best seller by M. Scott Peck. The second by David Michie introduces one to the profound idea that the underlying state of our minds is Dissatisfaction (suffering), It's Source, It's Cessation and The Path.
Blair was made a life member of U3A Melbourne City in 2014 , is an avid Radio National listener and keen golfer.
As well as Chess, Blair currently Tutors a class in Rummy Tiles - a game that is very easy to learn and fast becoming popular.