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Bahram Monshat

Tutoring in: Photography
Bahram was born in Iran in 1952, moved to London with his family in 1990, and moved again, this time to Australia (first to Sydney and then to Melbourne), in 1991.
Bahram has a degree in Industrial Engineering with further studies in the same field. He worked as a professional engineer for over 30 years before retiring in 2013.  In the last 10 years of his career, Bahram worked as a Health, Safety and Environment Manager/Consultant in Oil and Gas Industries.
Bahram has a passion for photography, which he started as his hobby at the age of 10. He took formal lessons in photography and has continued with self-paced studies and fieldwork on the subject ever since. His particular interests are candid individual and social portraits, street photography and landscape photography.
Bahram uses technological tools such as the latest available photo gear, artificial light and post processing software to enhance his photographs as long as they do not work to the detriment of artistic values of the photographs. In reportage photography, originality is of utmost importance to him.
During 2015 Bahram was involved in U3A Melbourne's 30th Anniversary events, as a photographer for the Fashion Show, and entrant and volunteer during the Photography Exhibition. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and love of photography with members through his tutoring role.